Shenzhen Brilliant Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that develops and produces TFT serial screen and monochrome LCD modules. Products are widely used in automotive charging piles, automotive instruments, vending machines, smart homes, security access control, conference systems, instrumentation, medical equipment, industrial equipment, communications equipment, financial equipment, electrical equipment, audio and so on. Since its establishment in 2002, we have established a business philosophy of people-oriented, technological innovation, and lead a group of senior scientific and technological talents who have been engaged in the production, management and design development of the LCD industry for many years to grow with the company.

The C100 series is a series of products developed for cost-effective customers. Customers can choose different functions and different parameters according to the environmental requirements for their products. Customers only need 2 cables by the ordinary MCU UART port can realize rich and diversified display functions, and the RS232 and RS485 interfaces can meet the needs of customers for remote control. The functions of the existing C100 series can fully meet the needs of different customers under normal conditions, and we can also customize the special product appearance and functions according to the special requirements of customers. This series of products has been used by customers to different types of environments such as charging piles, electronic scales, cooking machines, rice cookers, detectors, etc.

Based on the C100 series, the C200 seri es is a series of power functions and faster processing high-performance products based on the customer's environment. It is used in high resolution, faster processing, and more functional requirements. The diversified functions meet the needs of highly demanding customers. The addition of analog cameras greatly simplifies the design of the customer. The customer only needs to insert the analog signal of the AV interface directly into our connector to realize real-time monitoring and photo saving. Or act as a detection probe. Practical controls such as QR codes, meters, sliders, waveforms, keyboards, etc. are simple to operate, easy to learn and use, and greatly save customers' development cycle while saving customers' development costs.

With the different customers in the current product environment, the requirements of all aspects of the product are increasingly diversified. The new C400 series products according to the customer's use environment simplify some functions of the C200 series but retain the high resolution of customer demand. It also reduces the power consumption of the product. Thanks to the addition of the FreeRTOS system, the animation controls added on the basis of the original C200 series controls have broadened the interface aesthetics and design diversity of the customer products, so that the customer's products can have more ways to achieve the meaning that designers need to express in their products and to be more intuitive and understandable.

For the colorful display of  TFT LCD display module, some customers' products only need to express less and relatively single display content, and the cost is relatively lower, so the monochrome product is still indispensable. IIC, SPI serial port, 6800, 8080 parallel port is also not available in TFT serial port screen, and some products are embedded in Chinese simplified, traditional, English, Japanese, Cyrillic, Russian, Arabic and other fonts, and yellow Green, blue, gray, black, black and white films and other display modes with different backlights can be colorful and easy to operate, customers can freely choose to deal with different product environments.